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StOrMoDB is a database featuring information on molecules discovered, synthesized, studied or characterized at ICB-CNR. It can store different types of data, ranging from simple experimental or predicted molecular properties, to NMR or mass spectra, chromatographic data, functional assays, synthetic schemes, purification protocols and even, for natural products, geographical origin and localization of the molecules in the related organisms.

The final version of the database will be oriented to the characterization of structure-activity relationships. It will implement information on experimental or predicted three-dimensional structures of the featured molecules and on their possible interactions with biologically- or pharmacologically-relevant target proteins.

Public access to StOrMoDB allows searching, displaying and downloading of data on selected molecules.

Registration, needed to contribute new molecules or data, can be requested following the instructions provided on the site. To edit or add data on already-published molecules the user must be accepted in the workgroup used by the owner of the molecule during the data input.

Access to external users will also be possible for a didactically-oriented version of StOrMoELN, an Electronic Lab Notebook application closely related to the database. This access will be allowed to schools, universities, teachers and researchers involved in official collaborations and projects with ICB-CNR.

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