Mollo Ernesto

Mollo Ernesto

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  • 24 Ottobre 2017
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Profile: Researcher

Office location: Pozzuoli, Naples

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Work phone #: +39 081 8675312

Lab phone #: +39 081 8675176



A primary focus of my work has been the study of bioactive natural products from marine organisms. However, in addition to the biomedical interest of the natural substances, in which both chemical structures and organisms often lose their own importance, my researches also aimed at better understanding the ecological roles of the isolated compounds, and their phyletic and geographic distribution in nature. Another part of my activity has been dedicated in the conduction of diving campaigns for the exploration of marine chemical diversity on a global scale. The researches, carried out in the frame of international reaearch agreements along the coasts of Spain, Greece, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Egypt, Tunisia, Portugal, India, Russia, Australia, Antarctica, and China, led to the selection of several sources of novel bioactive metabolites. My current interests also include the study of chemical factors affecting marine biological invasions, and the use of aquatic animal models for the study of molecular mechanisms underlying the action of marine natural products.

Major publications

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Chemical diversity, marine chemical ecology, biological invasions, evolutionary biology, bioassays.