Calderan Andrea

Calderan Andrea

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  • 04 Febbraio 2015
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Profile: Senior Researcher

Office location: Padua

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Work phone #: 049.8275258

Mobile: 349.0898321

Biography: I was born in Venice on 15.05.1957. I graduated in Chemistry in 1981 from the University of Padua. After a brief stint as a “Graduate regular visitor” at the Department of Organic Chemistry of University of Padova, I was hired, in 1984, by the CNR as Researcher at the Biopolymers Research Centre of Padova, currently Padova Support Unit (UOS) of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB), in which I still carry out my activity. Since January 2007 I am “Person in Charge” of the UOS.



My scientific interests involve the study of biopolymers, in particular of peptides and proteins, with the aim of determining the relationship between the biological activity and the secondary structure of molecules, natural or prepared by synthesis, and to elucidate the mechanisms of natural processes and therefore be able to act on them in a highly specific way, mainly with diagnostic and/or therapeutic scope. In particular, I have a considerable experience in the field of peptide chemistry, dealing mainly of chemical synthesis, in solid- and liquid-phase, and conformational characterization, using different techniques (fluorescence, circular dichroism, IR, NMR) of biologically active peptides.

The main fields of interest are: interaction with metal ions of peptides and proteins such as calmodulin, gastrin, antamanide; enzymatic activity of tyrosine kinase; receptor binding of neuropeptides and melatonin; interaction of DNA with protamine and substrates and/or inhibitors of serine or threonine kinases; application of microwave heating technology through the peptide chemistry; development of peptides designed to intracellular transport and study of the mechanisms of cellular internalization; study of protein-peptide interactions, in particular with the protein domains of type SH2 and SH3, in environments that mimic biological membranes; peptides for targeting to different families of receptors with diagnostic and/or therapeutic scope.

Major publications

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Peptide chemistry - Organic synthesis - Protein interactions