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Cutignano Adele

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Office location: Naples

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23.7.1993 Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Italy) with highest mark and honors - thesis on isolation and characterization of novel sesterterpenes from a marine sponge, supervisor prof. Luciano Mayol 17.7.1997 PhD in Agrarian Chemistry (University of Naples ‘Federico II’, Italy)– Thesis on phytotoxins from fungal cultures as potential herbicides.

26.11.1999 Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy (University of Salerno, Italy) with highest mark and honors.

1993-1996 PhD thesis at University of Naples ‘Federico II’ –Department of Chemistry and Agrarian Sciences concerning isolation and characterization of phytotoxins from phytopathogenic fungi by chromatographic methods and NMR techniques.

1997-2001 Research fellow at University of Salerno -Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences with regard to isolation and structural elucidation of bioactive metabolites from marine sources with chromatographic, chemical and advanced spectroscopic methods (mainly NMR and MS).

Since 2001 Permanent researcher at National Research Council (CNR) -Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB) - Pozzuoli (NA), Italy.



1) isolation and structural elucidation of marine metabolites by chromatographic, chemical and advanced analytical methods. The focus is on the products of the secondary metabolism of marine invertebrates and microalgae which show relevant ecological and/or pharmacological roles for pharmaceutical and industrial applications. The newest NMR pulse sequences and modern mass spectrometric methodologies are applied to the resolution of structural problems.

2) biosynthetic studies in vivo on marine secondary metabolites. The aim of the work is the elucidation of the biochemical pathway through which marine invertebrates or micro-organisms synthesize de novo bioactive metabolites. The basic methodologies employ the application of radioactive and/or stable labelled isotopes detection techniques (scintillation counters, mass spectrometry and NMR analysis).

3) Development and application of methods for quantitative analysis of lipids and physiological mediators by mass spectrometry. The focus is on the implementation of analytical methods of instrumental platforms based on tandem mass spectrometry-liquid chromatography analysis of the levels of biomarkers (ie GPI, S1P, glycosphingolipids) in different biological matrices.

Major publications

  1. A. Cutignano;* E. Luongo; G. Nuzzo; D. Pagano; E. Manzo; A. Sardo; A. Fontana. “Profiling of complex lipids in marine microalgae by UHPLC/tandem mass spectrometry”, Algal Res., 2016, 17, 348-358.
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  3. A. Cutignano,* J. Moles, C. Avila, A. Fontana ‘Granuloside, a unique linear homosesterterpene from the Antarctic nudibranch Charcotia granulosa’, J. Nat. Prod., 2015, 78, 1761-1764.
  4. G. Nuzzo, A. Cutignano*, A. Sardo, A. Fontana “Antifungal Amphidinol 18 and its 7-Sulfate Derivative from Amphidinium carterae”, J. Nat. Prod., 2014, 77 (6), 1524–1527.
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bio-organic chemistry; natural product chemistry; marine natural products; structural characterization; NMR; mass spectrometry; drug discovery; biosynthesis; lipid profiling; biomarker profiling