Consoli Grazia Maria Letizia

Consoli Grazia Maria Letizia

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  • 30 Ottobre 2014
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Office location: Catania

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Work phone #: 095 7338319

Lab phone #: 095 7338361

Mobile: 3391634927

Biography: Grazia Maria Letizia Consoli graduated with honour in Biological Science at the University of Catania and gained the Specialization in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry at the University of Catania discussing a thesis on “Angiogenesis factors”. From 1993 to 1996 she worked as a research fellow at the “Istituto per lo Studio delle Sostanze Naturali di Interesse Alimentare e Chimico-Farmaceutico” of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. From 1999 she is a researcher at the Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy. In 2004, she was a visiting researcher in the University of Konstanz, Germany where she carried out a research on “Development of glycocalixarenes for anticancer therapy” in collaboration with Prof. R. R. Schmidt. She has participated to funded research projects as coordinator or collaborator.



Since the beginning of her career, she focused her research activity on organic and bioorganic synthesis, and supramolecular chemistry. She studied the regio-selective functionalization and conformational blockage of calixarenes with the aim to increase and optimize their host-guest properties. Today, she is mainly interested to the design, synthesis, structural characterization, and supramolecular properties of calixarene derivatives engineered for applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. Calixarene conjugates with potential as antimicrobics, anticancer vaccines, inhibitors of glioma cell migration and proliferation, and inhibitors of enzymes have already been topics of her publications.

 Actually her main interests are focused on:

  • Organic and bioorganic synthesis
  • Host-guest chemistry
  • Supramolecular self-assembly
  • Development of multivalent constructs engineered for high-affinity ligand–receptor molecular recognition
  • Nanocarriers for drug and targeted drug delivery

 Major publications

  1. G. M. L. Consoli, F. Cunsolo, C. Geraci, V. Sgarlata, “Synthesis and lectin binding ability of glycosamino acid calixarenes exposing GlcNAc clusters” Organic Letters 2004, 6, 4163–4166.
  2. G. M. L. Consoli, G. Granata, E. Galante, F. Cunsolo, C. Geraci “Novel nucleotide-calixarene conjugates via phosphoester linkage” Tetrahedron Letters 2006, 19, 3245–3249.
  3. G. M. L. Consoli, G. Granata, E. Galante, F. Cunsolo, C. Geraci “Hydroxycinnamic acids clustered by a calixarene platform: antioxidative and radical scavenging activity” Tetrahedron Letters 2006, 47, 6611–664.
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Supramolecular chemistry, calixarene, self-assembly, molecular recognition