Biondi Barbara

Biondi Barbara

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  • 28 Gennaio 2015
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Profile: Ricercatore

Office location: Padova

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Work phone #: 049-8275254

Biography: Barbara Biondi was born in Venice on 30-07-1967.

1992: University degree in Chemistry (Laurea) at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Padova. Experimental thesis titled: "Studi conformazionali e di fosforilazione enzimatica su peptidi sintetici corrispondenti ad un sito di autofosforilazione dell’ abl-TPK”

1992-1996:Teaching Chemistry at High School level.

1997-1999: Research fellowship of CNR on synthesis of bioactive peptides

1999-2001:Technician in the Interdipartimental Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at the University of Padova.

2001-present: Researcher at Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, Padova Unit, CNR. 



Studies on structure-activity relationship of bioactive peptides

My interests are focused on antimicrobial peptides and in particular on peptaibiotics, a class of natural occurring, membrane-active peptides rich in the non-proteinogenic amino acid Aib. We synthesize a variety of analogs, in order to get insight into the mechanism of action in the biological membranes. Gram-selective and proteolytically stable antibacterial peptides are investigated.

Model Peptides

A class of Cα,α-dialkylated glycines is studied and exploited for a careful control of the peptide 3D-structure. These residues are capable to effectively restrict the available range of backbone conformations. A variety of different peptide structures (α-, 310-, 2.05-helices, and β turns) are studied in detail.

 Major publications 

  1. C. Peggion, B. Biondi, C. Battistella, M. De Zotti, S. Oancea, F. Formaggio, C. Toniolo Spectroscopically labeled peptaibiotic analogs: the 4-nitrophenylalanine infrared absorption probe inserted at different positions into trichogin GA IV J. Pept. Sci. 19, 246-256, 2013.
  2. M. Gobbo, E. Merli, B. Biondi, S. Oancea, A. Toffoletti, F. Formaggio, C. Toniolo Synthesis and preliminary conformational analysis of TOAC spin-labeled analogues of the medium length peptaibiotic tylopeptin B J. Pept. Sci. 18, 37–44, 2012
  3. M. De Zotti, B. Biondi, Y. Park, K.-S. Hahm, M. Crisma, C. Toniolo, F. Formaggio Antimicrobial lipopeptaibol trichogin GA IV: role of the three Aib residues on conformation and bioactivity Amino Acids, 43, 1761-1777, 2012.
  4. M. De Zotti, B. Biondi, C. Peggion, M. De Poli, H. Fathi, S. Oancea, C. Toniolo, F. Formaggio Partial thioamide scan on the lipopeptaibiotic trichogin GA IV. Effects on folding and bioactivity Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 8, 1161–1171, 2012.
  5. M. De Zotti, B. Biondi, C. Peggion, F. Formaggio, Y. Park, K.-S. Hahm, C. Toniolo Trichogin GA IV: A versatile template for the synthesis of novel peptaibiotics Org. Biomol. Chem. 10, 1285-1299, 2012.
  6. M. Gobbo, M. Benincasa, G. Bertoloni, B. Biondi, R. Dosselli, E. Papini, E. Reddi, R. Rocchi, R. Tavano, R. Gennaro Substitution of the Arginine/Leucine Residues in Apidaecin Ib with Peptoid Residues: Effect on Antimicrobial Activity, Cellular Uptake, and Proteolytic Degradation J. Med. Chem. 52 (16), 5197–5206, 2009.
  7. P. Ruzza, B. Biondi, A. Calderan Therapeutic prospect of Syk inhibitors Expert. Opin. Ther. Pat. 19, 1361-1376, 2009.
  8. 8. A. Caporale, B. Biondi, E. Schievano, A. Wittelsberger, S. Mammi, E. Peggion Structure-function relationship studies of PTH(1-11) analogues containing D-amino acids Eur. J. Pharmacol. 611 (1-3), 1-7, 2009.


active peptides; peptide synthesis; conformational analysis; peptaibols