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Ruzza Paolo

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  • 29 Ottobre 2014
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Office location: Padova

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Work phone #: +39 049 827 5282



Date of Birth February 15, 1961 Place of Birth Padova, Italy Married, 2 children

Education 1985 Graduated in Medicinal Chemistry with honours (laurea in Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche), University of Padua, Italy. 1986 Passed qualifying examination for the profession of Pharmacist, Padova, Italy.

Professional Career 2010 Habilitation for CNR - Senior Researcher 2001 and 2004 Visinting researcher at the School of Biomedical & Health Sciences (Drug Interaction Activity Screening Unit ) of the King's College of London (UK) Since 1997 Researcher at the CNR-ICB 1992-1997 Temporary position as CNR - Researcher 1989-1992 CNR research fellow in Chemical Science 1986-1987 research fellow of the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”

Memberships European Peptide Society, American Peptide Society, Società Chimica Italiana

Teaching Organic chemistry and biochemistry, Viticulture and Enology Science and Technology, University of Padova.



Research activities have been focused in the field of the peptides and proteins, with the goal of determining relationships between the biological activity and the secondary structure of these molecules, either naturally occurring or synthetic, and to elucidate the mechanisms of natural processes with the aim to alter them with specific drugs.


Protein:Peptide and Protein:Small Molecule Interactions

Peptide-Receptor Ligands

Peptide-Ion Interactions

Cell-penetrating peptides

Major publications

  1. Makrlík, E.; Böhm, S.; Vaňura, P.; Ruzza, P., Interaction of the univalent thallium cation with antamanide: Experimental and theoretical study. J. Mol. Struct. 2014, 1064, 107-110.
  2. Ruzza, P.; Siligardi, G.;Hussain, R.; Marchiani, A.; Islami, M.; Bubacco, L.; Delogu, G.; Fabbri, D.; Dettori, A.M.; Sechi, M.; Nicolino Pala, N.; Spissu, Y.; Migheli, R.; Serra, P.A.; Sechi, G.P. Ceftriaxone blocks the polymerisation of α-synuclein and exerts neuroprotective effects in vitro. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2014, 5, 30-38.
  3. Marchiani, A.; Rozzo, C.; Fadda, A.; Delogu, G.; Ruzza, P. Curcumin And Curcumin-Like Molecules: From Spice To Drugs. Curr. Med. Chem. 2014, 21, 204-222.
  4. Borgogno, A.; Ruzza, P. The impact of either 4-R-hydroxyproline or 4-R-fluoroproline on the conformation and SH3m-cort binding of HPK1 proline-rich peptide. Amino Acids 2013, 44, 607-614.
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  6. Bianchi, A.; Giorgi, C.; Ruzza, P.; Toniolo, C.; Milner-White, E. J. A synthetic hexapeptide designed to resemble a proteinaceous p-loop nest is shown to bind inorganic phosphate. Proteins 2012, 80, 1418-1424.
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  8. Siligardi, G.; Ruzza, P.; Hussain, R.; Cesaro, L.; Brunati, A. M.; Pinna, L.A.; Donella-Deana, A. The SH3 domain of HS1 protein recognizes lysine-rich polyproline motifs. Amino Acids 2012, 42, 1361-1370.
  9. Ruzza, P. Peptide and peptidomimetics in medicinal chemistry. In: Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design. D. Ekinci, Ed. (ISBN 979-953-307-678-1), InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2012, 297-314.
  10. Azzolin, L.; Antolini, N.; Calderan, A.; Ruzza, P.; Sciacovelli, M.; Marin, O.; Mammi, S.; Bernardi, P.; Rasola, A. Antamanide, a Derivative of Amanita phalloides, is a Novel Inhibitor of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore. PLoS One 2011, 6, 1-9.


Protein interactions, circular dichroism, peptide synthesis, protein aggregation, tyrosinase.