Renda Agatino

Renda Agatino

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  • 25 Gennaio 2017
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Profile: Collaboratore Tecnico (CTER)

Office location: Catania

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Work phone #: +39 0957338340

Lab phone #: +39 0957338367

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Tino gained his experience in the study of natural compounds, including the structural determination, the analysis and the transformation of metabolites in food science. In this context, he developed know-how in the use and management of various scientific instruments, with particular reference to mass spectrometry and chromatography fields. He is co-author of several scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals.

As part of his technical activities at the Institute, he currently holds the position of ICT Manager for Catania ICB site. In this context, he was co-author of a project for the creation of a “Portale multimediale di apprendimento e divulgazione scientifica e tecnologica nel settore della chimica biomolecolare” a multimedial learning portal in science and tecnological divulgation in a biomolecular chemistry field - funded under the National Financing Plan Italian Ministry of Education for 2000-2006.

In recent years, he has collaborated with the CNR Central Division for the achievement of chemical laboratories and the related facilities, taking care of the planning, the management of tenders and supervision of works.

Currently, he is overseeing the development of applications of robotics in biomolecular chemistry field. As part of the synergies with private partners, he is Coordinator for the Agreement for Scientific Collaboration with Behaviour Labs of Tremestieri Etneo (CT), Start-Up Innovative operating in the field of the Humanoid Robotics.

Following the reorganization of the internal services of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, he was commissioned to be part of the Industrial Relations Service (RIND). In this context he cooperates with the Structure of Special Importance "Research Valorization" (SPRVR) and was commissioned as a territorial referent Project Biottasa + within the working groups of the project.

Major publications

  1. S.F. Del Bosco, L. Abbate, N. Tusa, T. Strano, A. Renda, G. Ruberto “Genetic improvement of Citrus fruits: The essential oil profiles in a Citrus limon backcross progeny derived from somatic hybridization” Food Research International 2013, 50, 344-350
  2. L. Abbate, N. Tusa, S. Fatta Del Bosco, T. Strano, A. Renda, G. Ruberto “Genetic improvement of Citrus fruits: New somatic hybrids from Citrus sinensis (L.) Osb. and Citrus limon (L.) Burm. F.” Food Research International 2012, 48, 284-290
  3. G. Ruberto, A. Renda, C. Daquino, V. Amico, C. Spatafora, C. Tringali, N. De Tommasi “Polyphenol constituents and antioxidant activity of grape pomace extracts from five Sicilian red grape cultivars” Food Chemistry 2007, 100, 203-210.
  4. G. Ruberto, A. Renda, V. Amico, C. Tringali “Volatile components of grape pomaces from different cultivars of SicilianVitis vinifera L.” Bioresource Technology 2008, 99, 260-268.
  5. G. Ruberto, A. Renda, C. Tringali, E.M. Napoli, M.S.J. Simmonds“Citrus limonoids and their semisynthetic derivatives as antifeedant agents against Spodoptera frugiperda larvae. A structure-activity relationship study.” J. Agric. Food Chem. 2002, 50, 6766-6774.


Organic Chemistry, Food, Natural Compounds, Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Robotics, ICT, Networking